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Every day motorcycle riders find new ways to challenge themselves, whether it's pushing themselves in training classes, canyons, or long-distance rides. In 2007, Jim Red Cloud came up with the idea of the Hoka Hey Challenge to help challenge and push himself and other motorcycle riders. Hoka Hey Challenge loosely translates to "Let's Go, Men."

Hoka Hey Challenge Rider taking a break

Beth is the co-founder of Hoka Hey Challenge and explained that the Hoka Hey Challenge is about bringing awareness to social issues while riding in the most beautiful places in North America. The Hoka Hey Challenge did not start until 2010, and it was approximately 8600 miles. Jim, unfortunately, passed away in 2017, and Beth, his wife, has been carrying the torch with the Hoka Hey Challenge. Beth said that the Hoka Hey Challenge is about being part of a family, competition, and the love for long-distance on a motorcycle.

Jim Redcloud riding in the Hoka Hey Challenge

1. What is the Hoka Hey Challenge?

  • The Hoka Hey Challenge is approximately 10,000 miles and consists mainly of 2 lane roadways with minimal freeway riding. You are given directions from one location to the following location, and you cannot use a GPS to get to the next place. You also can not stay in a hotel. Each year the Hoka Hey Challenge starts near a Native American Tribe, and riders will travel all over North America.

2. Who can do the Hoka Hey Challenge?

  • Anyone can do the Hoka Hey Challenge. There are only two restrictions for the challenge. The first restriction is the motorcycle can only be American Manufactured motorcycles, and the gas tank cannot be over 6.2 gallons.

3. How long does the Hoka Hey Challenge take to complete?

  • The Hoka Hey Challenge usually takes anywhere from 10 days to 21 days to complete.

4. Has there been any motorcycle collisions by riders who have participated in the Hoka Hey challenge?

  • There have numerous traffic collisions with riders who ride in the Hoka Hey Challenge. Unfortunately, six riders have been killed in motorcycle traffic collisions since 2010.

One of the many motorcycle accidents that happen every year during the Hoka Hey Challenge

5. Why would someone want to do the Hoka Hey Challenge?

  • Motorcycle riders do the Hoka Hey Challenge for numerous reasons. Some riders do the Challenge to push themselves and the spirit of competition. Most riders will do the Hoka Hey Challenge to raise money for some charity. The rider can choose any charity to help raise money for that charity.

If you are looking for a new way to challenge yourself as a motorcycle rider, raise money for a good cause, and see some of the greatest parts of North America, the Hoka Hey Challenge could be a great way to do it. If you want to get more information regarding the Hoka Hey Challenge, you can go to

Sheldon Sherman

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