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 Who are the 

classes for?

The classes are for beginner to advanced riders who want to take their low speed and accident avoidance skills to the next level.  You have to have a good understanding of your clutch and throttle control.

 Can I get my motorcycle license 

from this class?

No you can not get your motorcycle license from this class.  You have to take a Total Control or MSF class.

 What will I learn 

at the class?

You will learn low speed skills, how to make sharper u-turns, and accident avoidance skills.

 Do I get a discount 

on my insurance

Most insurance companies offer up to 10% off your motorcycle insurance policy for taking an advanced class.

 can I take this class if I 

do not have a motorcycle?

At this time, you have to have your own street legal motorcycle for the class.

 do I have to have a motorcycle

license before taking this class?

Yes its a requirement for this class.

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