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California Law Questions

1. Is there a certain CC, e-bike, or level of moped that can be parked on the sidewalk?

  • No. You can not park a motorcycle, e-bike, or moped on the sidewalk in front of a business or near a street.

2. Can pocket motorcycles be legally operated in public places in California?

3. What CC motorcycle can you ride in the bike lanes?

  • A motorcycle can not be ridden in a bike lane unless making a turn into a business or at an intersection.

4. What is the noise ordinance for exhaust systems on motorcycles?

  • 80 DBA for any motorcycle built after 1985.

5. Can you modify your motorcycle helmet?

  • No. You can not add or take anything off a DOT approved helmet.

6. Are there any limitations on handlebar height in California?

7. What custom modifications will cause a fix-it ticket?

8. What can I do with a Motorcycle Permit?

9. When coming to a stop sign do both feet have to touch the ground in California?

10. Do you need front and rear brakes in California?

11. Is it legal to add ground effect lighting and other decretive lighting in California?

12. Is it legal to add blinking lights to your motorcycle in California?

13. What are the laws regarding lane splitting in California?

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