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The Antelope Valley is a great place to start a motorcycle adventure. There are hundreds of different routes that you can take from Lancaster and Palmdale into the mountains and the desert.

This route is a good option for a beginner rider because the curves in the road are not tight turns, and there are no cliffs to make a rider anxious.

If you are looking for a short ride through Lancaster and the surrounding area, Lancaster Boulevard between 10th Street West and Sierra Highway is the best place to start. There are plenty of restaurants and bars to stop and take a break. There is a gas station at 10th Street West and Lancaster Boulevard to fuel your bike. There is also a movie theater and the Lancaster performing arts center on Lancaster Boulevard.

Once you are done refueling on the boulevard, you can take a nice ride out to the Poppy Reserve at 140th Street West and Lancaster Boulevard. If you are on Lancaster Boulevard between 10th Street West and Sierra Highway, you can head west to 20th Street West. Make a right on to 20th Street West to Avenue I. Make a left on to Avenue I. Take Avenue I for approximately 13 miles, and you will see the poppy reserve on the right side of the road. Between March and June, you will be able to see poppies between 110th Street West and 160th Street West. Avenue I is going to turn into Lancaster Road where the road starts to become curvy. Once you are done looking at the poppies, you can stop by the Weeville Market at 18348 West Avenue D in Lancaster They have great burgers and refreshments. It is a good time to use the restroom before continuing your trip. To get to the Weeville Market, go west on Lancaster Road. Make a right on to 170th Street West and go to Avenue D (A.K.A. Highway 138). Make a left on Avenue D. Travel westbound on Avenue D for approximately 1.3 miles, and you will see the Weeville Market on the left-hand side.

From the Weeville market, you can go to Lake Hughes and visit The Rock Inn It is a little bar with refreshments and food in the middle of Lake Hughes. At The Rock Inn, you may run into lots of other bikers. The Rock Inn has been around since 1929. To get to The Rock Inn from the Weevile Market, take Avenue D to Three Points Road. Make a left on Three Points Road. While on Three Points Road, enjoy the trees and mountains around you. Three Points Road will turn into Pine Canyon Road. You will continue on Pine Canyon Road, which turns into Lake Elizabeth Road as you get closer to Lake Hughes. Lake Hughes is a small town, so don't blink, or you will miss it. The Rock Inn will be on your left, and you will see Papa's Gas Station on the right.

After visiting The Rock Inn, you can head back to Lancaster or Palmdale by taking Lake Elizabeth Road eastbound. Lake Elizabeth Road will take you to 110th Street West to turn right on Avenue K, Avenue J, or Avenue I.

There are plenty of places to take breaks along the route. The Antelope Valley has plenty of businesses, parking lots, dirt shoulders, and park and rides where you can stop and rest.

The entire trip is 64 miles, and if you take it slow and enjoy the scenery, it will probably take about 1-2 hours. This route is great for new riders or riders who just want to take it easy and clear your head.


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