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My Background

My name is Sheldon and I have been riding for about 13 years.  I have about 150,000 plus miles on motorcycles.  Most of the 150,000 plus miles on motorcycles were weaving in and out of traffic on a daily basis.  Accelerating at high rates of speed in heavy and than stopping quickly.  On a daily basis I am weaving in and out of traffic to catch up to speeding motorists.  I am a motor officer for a Southern California police department.  I am also currently a California Motorcycle Safety Instructor.  


A big thing I saw in the Antelope Valley is a lack of more advanced training.  The classes I am teaching are to help you become a safer and more aware rider.  

As a police officer, I saw way too many motorcycle accidents where riders have been injured or killed due to a lack of experience.  I decided to start this school because I want to try and reduce the amount of motorcycle accidents.

In 2007, I went through a MSF course and thought that I knew how to ride.  I thought that until I rode my motorcycle off the road.  Luckily I didn't get hurt.  It was at that moment that I realized I had a lot more training to do or I was going to get myself hurt or killed.

I would ride on and off for years.  I had owned several different types of bikes.


In 2015, I started training to become a motor officer. I knew that motor officer school had a 60% failure rate.  I spent an hour a day, five days a week training for almost a year before I went to motor school.  I passed motor school and I have been on a motor ever since.  I love riding motorcycles and when I can put work and motorcycles together, Its a dream come true.

When I started learning the low speed skills for a motor officer, I realized that my riding all around got better.  Learning how to effectively use my clutch and throttle made me a faster and better rider no matter what I was doing.

In August of 2017, I was in a serious motorcycle accident on duty.  I broke my femur at the knee, severe road rash in several areas on my body, and dislocated my shoulder.  It took me 10 months to recover including two surgeries and 9 months of physical therapy.  I had to relearn how to walk again.  I figured if I was involved in a bad motorcycle accident it would dissuade me from ever riding again.  It actually had the opposite effect on me.  I would gauge how well I was doing if I could reach the foot pegs on motorcycle again and put my hands on the handlebars.

Every time I get on a motorcycle, I am training.  I will continue to challenge myself and continue to take different classes for on the road and off the road to make myself a better rider.  

There are three different courses that you can take at Prorider Antelope Valley:

Precision and Control Course (4 Hours)

Defensive Riding Course (4 Hours)

Advanced Skills Course (8 Hours)

If your not ready for these courses, I am also available for private lessons.



  • Motor Officer Certification:  February/2016

  • California Motorcycle Safety Program Instructor August/2019

  • California Motorcycle Safety Program Intermediate Instructor June/2021