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Upcoming Advanced Skills Course Dates:

August 14, 2022
September 18, 2022
October 16, 2022
November 27, 2022
December 11, 2022

For Private Lessons, please contact me to schedule a date and time.



Here is a quick 2 minute video of the advanced skills course:


About Prorider Antelope Valley

My name is Sheldon and I am the owner and instructor for Prorider Antelope Valley.  I have been riding for about 13 years.  I have about 150,000 plus miles on motorcycles.  I have ridden cruisers, sports bikes, and adventure bikes.  I am a motor officer for a Southern California police department.  I am also currently a California Motorcycle Safety Program



I started this business because I am tired of going to traffic accidents where motorcycle riders are getting hurt or killed due to a lack of training and knowledge.  Training is huge on keeping you safe on the roads. Research has shown that taking additional training can reduce motorcycle fatalities by half.  

Wether you come train with me or someone else, please take additional training.  I strongly suggest taking at least one motorcycle training class a year.

We Offer three different courses at Prorider Antelope Valley:

Precision and Control Course (4 Hours)

Defensive Riding Course (4 Hours)

Advanced Skills Course (8 Hours)

At this time, I am not getting enough interest in the precision and control of Defensive Riding.  If you are interested in a 4 hour class instead of the 8 hour class, please let me know.  If I can find at least 4 riders, I will put on one of the four hour classes.  

I am limiting the size of the classes to 6 riders instead of 12 riders.  Limiting the size of the classes gives riders more opportunity to practice and train. 

If your not ready for these courses, I am also available for private lessons.

Taking advanced riding courses has been proven to reduce your chance of being hurt or killed in a motorcycle accident by up to 60%.

If you want to book a whole class with friends or family, please email me and I can get your group a discount.

If you take one of my classes, you can turn the certificate into the insurance company and most insurance companies will give you up to 10% off your insurance.  You may spend a little money now but you could be saving hundreds of dollar on your insurance a year.

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About the Courses:

Riders will...

• "Bond" with their personal motorcycles and familiarize with the bike's full capabilities and limitations
• Learn and practice low-speed techniques that are perfect for those pesky parking lots and tight turnarounds (...and when you want to impress your friends or passenger).
• Practice braking, evasive maneuvers, and hazard avoidance exercises that may save your ride and hide from serious damage, injury or death.


Intended Audience:

This course is intended for experienced motorcycle riders, who have a firm grasp of the basic skills of operating a motorcycle but desire to become a better, safer, and more confident rider. This is a challenging course, so riders must have the physical stamina to withstand a full day on the range.



• Motorcycle endorsement on license
• Ownership of a motorcycle: cruiser, touring, sport, dual-purpose (must be street legal).
• Motorcycle must have:
    – Valid registration
    – Valid inspection (where applicable)
    – Valid insurance coverage
• Intermediate rider skill level
• Rider safety gear, to include:
    – DOT approved helmet
    – Eye protection
    – Above-the-ankle boots - high top sneakers are not acceptable
    – Gloves (open, or full-fingers)
    – Durable, long pants - no athletic pants of any kind

Maximum Class Size:

6 participants max (we are very strict on class size, and classes do fill up quickly).

If Your Ready to take your motorcycle riding skills to the next level, sign up for a course: